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Freakish Queries

Is this ultra running adventure suitable for all ages?

No. This race is suitable for adults 21+ unless the legal drinking age should change by some shift in the universe. Plus, it is an attempt on running 100 miles in 30 hours or less which takes a little life experience to consider attempting.

What are the risks involved?

Though not as dangerous as some other ultra distance events, this run will have its own set of hazards that could include: heat/cold related injury/illness, individual nutritional needs lacking, divorce, vehicle dangers, wild animal attacks, grumpy neighbors, ignorantly thinking one can do this race/not being prepared, getting lost due to a runner's failure with verbal directions, map reading, and technology, a late hurricane or another weather occurrence, heartbreak, broken bones, slips and falls, and conditions you may have that you won't know about until you are out there gutting it out.

If you need a more risk-averse option of things to do, we suggest a movie marathon at home or people-watching at a local park.

The run goes rain or shine.

When is the last day I can register?

Since you do need to be able to run 100 miles in 30 hours, we think that 1 month out is the edge of a trainable run challenge (yeah, right) and we'll need to buy stuff for runners, so sometime a month out we will close up rego.

What is your refund policy?

No Refunds unless we cancel the runadventure. In this case, we will give you the choice for a refund or future entry.

We will have purchased swag so it might be hard for us to justify cancelling.

Is there a course map?

No. And yes, multiple.

This unique race is in the format of only knowing the next segment you are going.

Each segment checkpoint will have a laminated map of the best-route - that is the official mileage route - with a description to get runners to the next Checkpoint. There will also be a scannable QR Code and/with GPS coordinates that interact with Google Maps to that next location, should you decide to carry a phone with a QR Reader

What's at the 10 Checkpoints?

Water. Electrolytes. Snacks. Beer.

It is highly encouraged to carry whatever nutrition you think you need for the challenge.

Map and QR to the next Checkpoint. A phone with a charger can be a huge benefit that just might outweigh the hassle of carrying them.

Run Ambassadors (RA)

What's this about a party on both ends?

Before the run on the front end, we'll get everyone motivated. On the back end, we'll be partying from mid-afternoon Saturday until late night celebrating with everyone no matter if they have dropped out, finished, or made record time.

100 miles is no joke. In 30 hours, 100 miles could get quite giddy at 3.34 miles per hour. You'll need a party, maybe even a pitty-party.

What's the COVID Plan?

Even though it is an entirely outdoor running event, follow CDC, State of NC, and local guidelines carefully.

Get vaccinated when you can.

Wash your nasty hands as much as possible. Sanitize.

Be courteous, kind, and respectful to others.

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